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Looking to obtain a new mooring?
Where to begin…

How can I get a mooring in Marblehead?

In order to get a mooring in Marblehead harbor, you must first apply for a permit with the Marblehead Harbormaster. Their office can be reached at 781-631-2386 or viaMarblehead’s web site. There is currently a 18+ year wait for a permit in the main harbor, 2 years for Salem side. The wait for the West Shore and Peaches Point areas is generally under one year. Once you receive a permit give us a call. Be sure to have information about your boat including its length and weight, as well as any special considerations such as swim platforms or bow sprits that would require more swinging space.

How do I get a mooring in Salem?

All boats in Salem Waters on moorings or in slips, owned or rented, are permitted through the Harbormaster Dept. You may choose to own or rent a mooring. Click here for Permit & Rental Applications.